Fierce Cats: The Fluffy Cute Pets Become Scary, Creepy and Fearsome


If you are reading this article you are probably a cat lover and it’s very probable that you own one or more of them or you would like to.

Cats (domestic cats) seem to date back to around ancient Egyptian times. They are omnivore mammals living, on average, up to 15 years a solitary life.

Domestic cats often get on well with humans and other animals, including some dogs. They can be playful, funny, cute, fluffy, sweet, tender and lovable. But sometimes things can be different: they can appear grumpy, angry, frightening, terrifying, ugly and you can’t stop feeling fear. An ice look, sharp teeth, nails like knives, legs as fast as a thunder. These are some of the “dark” sides of this fascinating animal.

If you encounter these cats, run and don’t turn back: “it could be your last time on earth.”
If you don’t want to try the effect of blades on your face or hand, don’t touch these cute little animals, they might not be as defenceless as you believe.

So, can a tiny sweet animal be menacing and threatening? This photo gallery will answer this question with hilarious and yet scary pictures of cats that don’t look as friendly as we might think.

1. Cat after loosing a video game.

cat loosing a video game


2. Dark evil cat.

dark evil cat


3. Demon cat during his transformation.

demon cat



4. Don’t disturb me, I want to sleep now.

dont disturb me cat


5. Don’t touch my food: it’s only mine.

cat dont touch my food


6. Hungry cat trying to protect its food.

hungry cat



7. I will destroy you, don’t get closer.

I will destroy you cat


8. Killer cat.

killer cat


9. Ready to fight?

ready to fight cat
Photo by Kepone / VWVortex forum



10. I feel a bit nervous today!

today i am nervous cat


11. This cat looks like disappointed and saying “why have you dressed me like that?”.

why you dressed me like this cat


12. You dared to make my face dirty? Now I will have my revenge.

why you made me dirty cat


13. This cat seems as if he wants you dead right now.

you are a dead man cat


Do you have any cat? How is it? Can it be so scary sometimes? Do you have any pictures you would like to add to this list?

We would like to hear from you and listen to your story.


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