Female Brown Bear Rescued After 30 Years of Cage: Before And After Images

fifi bear in cage

Pennsylvania, North-East USA. 30 years ago there was a roadside zoo full of animals. Among all of them, there were four cute big bears – sadly used to entertain people in their unnatural environment – Ed.

bear fifi in cage

If you are an animal lover, you will be sad to know that this zoo closed 20 years ago, but the four bears had never been released and for decades, they lived locked in tiny concrete cages, with just a rotten wood box for each or them. But the good news here is that they have been finally rescued last summer, after the owner decided to give them up and call PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

fifi bear rescue

One of these “poor wild animals” is Fifi, a 32-year-old female Syrian brown bear, that they found to be not so big any more. Fifi and her unfortunate companions, spent decades in cage without being allowed to hibernate, walk free and find food around by themselves, like it should be to ensure them a good health.

fifi bear rescue moving

When Fifi was rescued the situation was heartbreaking. They found her with sad eyes, a ragged coat, a painful untreated arthritis in her back legs. She and the other three bears accumulated so much stress that they were continuously moving back and forth – natural sign that they were coping with stress.

The rescue team was not sure whether Fifi could make it after the rescue. But hope never dies and after being relocated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary‘s Colorado reserve, a new life began. She could finally eat properly, run, sit on the grass and hibernate. She experienced a natural life for the first time ever. She also discovered water: as soon as released into the new habitat, she immediately ran straight into the new pool (and her happiness should have been so big – Ed.).

fifi bear after freedom

Look at how she looks like now. A before and after comparison shows that her painful emaciated condition finally turned into a happy life with a fat healthy body and a beautiful thick fur. She can go around eating fruits and can find the deserved rest after decades of abuses.


Do you love bears and wild animals? Do you think they should have been kept into the zoo just to “pamper” the humans’ vanity?

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