How Finland Could Jump to The #1 Rank in Education: Secret Revealed


Finnish children spend very little time at school, don’t get homework and yet get one of the best education in the world. But How?

This video (a documentary by Michael Moore) will explain that. This film compares Finland to United States over a period going from 1960s to 2000s. You will discover how Finnish kids can enjoy one of the highest ranked school systems in the world.

They did this by overhauling their entire system and here is how they could jump to the #1 rank compared to the #29 of United States. The top secret system has been revealed. The key factors for this success are:

1. NO homework: children have more time to spend for theme selves, to enjoy the life, play, etc.

2. 20 hours a week spent in class (3-4 hours a day): the shortest school days and years in the entire western countries.

children finland 1 rank education world

In this way, they state, brain can relax every now and then. In fact, Finland people do believe that if you work continuously, your brain just stop learning and there’s no use of doing it in a long period of time.

Therefore, this system allows children to live and grow happy, with a happy life, yet learning to respect themselves and the others (they socialize with their friends and learn how to grow as human beings).

Finnish people believe that there is much more life around than in school, so they want children to play more and stay at school less.
What do you think? Do you believe this can be done in your own country? What would you suggest?

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