10 Beautiful Floral Nail Art Designs And Ideas And How To Hand Paint Your Nails


Nail decoration is something older than you may imagine. It’s evolved for sure across the centuries, but it’s not a new thing in “human vanity”. For example 3000 years Before Christ the Chinese used enamel on their fingers. The Indians too practised nail art at the time using a dye derived from the Henna plant.

Source: Artemis Nail.

But we live in 2017 now and I don’t really know how many would be so interested in the old history, especially if you are here to grab some idea for your next design. Therefore, following we are going to show you 10 ideas of floral nail art designs and a cool DIY rainbow spring flower hand painted nails tutorial video.


1. 3D white flower on a purple base. Do you find it cute and stylish?

3d flower nail art
EyeCandyNails | Flickr


2. Black and white flowers clean design. If you don’t like to be too showy but still keeping elegant, this idea could be a good starting point.

black white detail flower nail art
Stempelwiese | Flickr


3. Another black and white flower design, but with a stronger personality. Would use it for a ceremony?

black white flower nail art
monibela | Flickr



4. Pink flower on a white background. Do you find it enough girly?

candy pink flower design nail art
monibela | Flickr


5. Cherry blossom. For any Japan lovers.

cherry blossom nail art
Neil Milne | Flickr


6. Imperial and orchid design. What do you think about this style?

imperial and orchid nail art
Noel Giger | Flickr


7. Simple red flower on white background, embellished with black dots. Charming, girly, soft. In other words, the beauty of simplicity, isn’t it?

red flower nail art
Joanne Duckmanton | Flickr



8. Red and white floral design. If you don’t want to be ignored, this idea won’t leave you unnoticed: red colour has always been attractive.

red petals nail art
monibela | Flickr


9. Roses fantasy. Let’s go romantic.

roses nail art
Haffina | DeviantArt


10. Pink and white flowers on stiletto nails. Can you feel like a cute doll now?

stiletto pink floral nail art
Nic Senior | Flickr

Do you think working with stencil is too easy or not enough unique? This video tutorial will show and teach you how to hand paint rainbow spring flowers. Maybe next nails with a peculiar floral design we will see around is yours.

What’s the nail art design do you prefer? Can you do that by yourself? Feel free to show your creations, people may eventually look for you when they want to make their nails wonderful.

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