Math Formula Reveals George Clooney Is The Most Beautiful Man In The World


george clooney

Who’s the most beautiful man on earth? It’s said that it depends on one’s own taste, but what if the judge is science rather than a human? The science would choose George Clooney.

If science was a lady looking for a groom, her choice would be the man with the best face proportions that only Math can totally catch. The man with a facial ratio that our ‘mortal’ mind can only perceive subconsciously (how many times did you end up telling yourself “I like him but I don’t really know why”). Now science explains us the reason and these proportions have been given with a face, thanks to surgeon Dr Julian De Silva who used a “secret formula” Greeks discovered long long time ago.


If the criteria – to judge the human beauty – was just rational and mathematical, George Clooney would have been chosen by Greeks as the best “statue” of their Empire, because what makes Mr George the best on earth is the so called Greek golden ratio and his face is nearly close to it.

This special number (also known as ‘Phi‘) is found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer one divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. Greeks attempted to find a way that could perfectly measure beauty. This “magical” number can be seen in the architecture of many ancient creations, like the Great Pyramids and the Parthenon.

Around 1200, the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the unique properties of the Fibonacci sequence, and this sequence ties directly into the Golden ratio (if you take any two successive Fibonacci numbers, their ratio is very close to the Golden ratio). It was even used to achieve balance and beauty in many Renaissance paintings and sculptures. Leonardo Da Vinci himself used it to define the proportions in his Last Supper.

And did you know? The Golden ratio appears in all forms of nature and science (petals, seed heads, pine cones, tree branches, shells, spiral galaxies, hurricanes, fingers, animal bodies, DNA molecules). It’s not a case that it’s been called the “Divine Proportion”.

Well, this same “secret formula” has now been used by the above mentioned British surgeon Dr Julian De Silva, to find the perfect face you’ve ever seen in your life.

If the beauty was a calculator, it would look like this:
a/b = (a+b)/a = 1.6180339887498948420

Not very exciting (and understandable) indeed for any women (and men). But to make things easier, you can now associate a human face and the result is George Clooney.

Dr Julian De Silva analysed the face of the best male celebrities. The “competition” was won by Clooney with a 99.6% score, getting very close to what was believed to be the perfection for Greeks: a beautiful facial symmetry.

george clooney math formula face
Dr Julian De Silva

The rest of the “contenders”? Here’s the top 10 ranking, based on the average of 12 key markers over the whole face including lips, nose, eyes, eyebrow, chin, forehead and facial shape:

  1. George Clooney 91.86%
  2. Bradley Cooper 91.80%
  3. Brad Pitt 90.51%
  4. Harry Styles 89.63% (the most beautiful eyes and chin)
  5. David Beckham 88.96% (the most perfectly shaped face)
  6. Will Smith 88.88%
  7. Idris Elba 87.93%
  8. Ryan Gosling 87.48% (the perfect nose)
  9. Zayn Malik 86.5%
  10. Jamie Foxx 85.46%


bradley cooper math formula face
Bradley Cooper | Picture: Dr Julian De Silva


brad pitt math formula face
Brad Pitt | Picture: Dr Julian De Silva



harry styles math formula face
Harry Styles | Picture: Dr Julian De Silva


david beckham math formula face
David Beckham | Picture: Dr Julian De Silva

How much do you agree with Dr Julian De Silva (…and Greeks)? Can we reduce the human beauty to a face? Is it really enough? Maybe if we were a heartless robot the reply would be a “Yes” … how much “robot” do you feel?

Demonstrate that numbers are not the only thing that matters. Write your own top 10 list down below. Let’s discover together who’s really the most handsome man ever existed.


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