Gianluca Vacchi’s Summer Dance: The “Poor Version”


Who is Gianluca Vacchi? What does he do for a living in his life? Why his summer dance went so viral? What if “ordinary people” would perform the same dance? Would it be better or worse?


Gianluca Vacchi is an Italian businessman, living a luxurious life with his model wife Giorgia Gabriele, among private jets, mansions and some beautiful backdrops. Last September 2016 he posted a video on his Instagram profile showing himself dancing what he called “Saturday afternoon fever” with his wife and the video went tremendously viral, reaching more than 11 millions views and allowing him to multiply his followers (from 1.2 millions to 7.8 millions – at the moment we are writing this page).

We are not going to dig further into his life and success: whether it’s good or what; if it’s an example to follow or not (if you can). We would like, today, to see how his summer dance would be if performed by “normal, every day people”, in an ordinary place, where the most luxurious thing is, maybe, being ourselves.

We don’t really know these “new entries”, nor the music player on the background (maybe the leader and centre of the show, or a seasoned artist participating at the most famous “local” music festivals – Ed.).

You might not like this version, but for sure, you will have at least some fun.

What couple and performance is better and more attractive? Which set/place do you like most? The luxurious or the “genuine”?

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