Amazing Show Made by This Old Man and his Giant Rainbow Bubbles


Liquid dish soap, distilled water, clean container with lid, glycerine or light corn syrup. This is what you need if you would like to make soap bubbles, instead of buying them at the shop.

What really happens? How can a bubble be like this and fly in the amazing way we are all used to?

The soap mixture on the outside of a bubble is actually made of three very thin layers: soap, water and another layer of soap. This “sandwich” is called soap film. When the water, trapped between the layers of soap, evaporates, the bubble pops. What’s the role of the glycerine or the corn syrup? They mix with the soap and make it thicker. In this way, the water do not evaporates so quickly and can last longer. This “trick” also makes the bubbles stronger, so you can blow bigger bubbles.

This is a complete nice guide if you would like to know, exactly, how to make soap bubbles at home: How To Make Bubbles | Super Soap Solution.

But what if we are so clever to make them super big, long lasting and very colourful? What if rainbow bubbles start to float through the air?

Well, this old man might be the most clever among all and was able to amazingly entertain all the tourists, bathers and visitors came at this beach (kids and adults).

Watch him “spreading some magic” among all the happy people around him.


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