Goji Berries, The Super-Food to Live Longer and Better


goji berries tree

The goji berry is a bright orange-red berry that comes from a shrub that’s native to China. They’ve been eaten for generations, hoping to extend people’s lives.


Goji berries are the ultimate super-food to live longer, healthier and better. Is it true? Let’s see together the benefits of this berries (also called wolfberry), the side effects and how to consume them.

What they contain

Full of vitamins, nutrients and phytonutrients they provide:

  • vitamin C
  • fibre
  • iron
  • vitamin A
  • zinc
  • antioxidants

Facts & Benefits

1. Natural medicine:

it’s believed – by people who consumed them for over 2,000 years – that goji berries can help you fight against some diseases such us:

– diabetes
– high blood pressure,
– cold and fever,
– infections,
– eye problems related to ageing,
– liver and kidney ailments.

2. Low in calories and fat-free:

they can effectively manage your weight.

3. Rich of fibres:

they can help you experience a better digestion.

goji berries with fruit

4. High-antioxidant:

they supply high levels of carotenoids, vitamin C and A, therefore providing help to fight against free radicals damage and cancer.

5. Well-being feelings generator:

they improve the quality of sleep, the neurological/psychological traits and the cardiovascular health; they help you feel calmer (fighting disorders such as depression and anxiety); they improve the musculoskeletal system and boost energy and performance; they reduce blood glucose; they regulate cholesterol levels and triglycerides, preventing heart disease; they improve the immune function.



6. Healthy skin promoter:

containing beta-carotene, they help to keep a healthy skin and may be a kind of natural skin cancer treatment.

7. Fertility Booster:

it’s traditionally believed that goji berries can increase sperm count and its vitality; they can also treat female infertility in case of premature ovarian failure and not-normal ovulation. Some studies by the College of Public Health at Wuhan University in China showed that they can also protect against testicular tissue damage, they can raise sexual hormone levels and protect against DNA oxidative damage to testicular cells.

Goji Berry Benefits

The side effects

Before eating goji berries you should talk to your doctor because they could interact with some drugs and health condition such as:

  • Warfarin blood thinner;
  • diabetes drugs;
  • blood pressure drugs;
  • breastfeeding or pregnancy (can cause miscarriage)
  • allergy to the fruit;
  • low or high blood pressure;
  • low blood sugar.



How to use goji berries

Available either fresh or dried (like raisins), you can consume goji berries in multiple ways:

  1. eaten raw;
  2. as whole or ground goji berry seeds;
  3. as a powder or fruit purée;
  4. tossed on a salad;
  5. mixed into your breakfast cereal or yoghurt;
  6. cooked with other food such as pork or turkey;
  7. as a garnish for roasted veggies or desserts;
  8. added to baked food;
  9. cooked into sweet sauces;
  10. drunk as a tea, juice or wine.

goji berries

Have you ever eaten this kind of berries? What are the benefits you got? How do you prefer to consume them?

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This is not a medical bulletin, not a professional prescription. This is just a list of facts for general guidance to give you some suggestions and points of discussion that must be adapted to each single situation and analysed more deeply with an expert.
According to Dr. Steven Schwarts from Ohio State University, “many fruits and vegegables are rich in beneficial carotenoids, but most of them are virtually fat free, which may limit the body’s ability to absorb some of these nutrients…”
(source: fic.osu.edu).

So we suggest not to improvise, but always vary and balance your diet and consult a professional doctor for specific needs and treatments.


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