Google To Become Your First Clinic Depression Analyst With This Free Online Tool


google depression tool

Are you searching information about clinical depression? Would you like to know whether you are depressed but the doctor is too expensive for a first diagnosis? Are you too shy to call on a specialised clinic? From now on Google may help you with a new online test.

This is the PHQ-9 tool and it will help users to understand if their next destination is the doctor’s office.

According to the famous search engine, 5% of researches on health is about depression. The phenomenon is getting so huge that 20% of US citizens suffers from this illness, but only about 50% of them go to the doctor or therapist, while most people call on specialised clinics (or Mental health professionals) only after 6-8 years from the first symptoms, the NAMI organization said.

For all of these people, Google may become their “preliminary analyst”. For the purpose, the company partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and will be available to all mobile users from USA.

google PHQ-9 depression tool

Now, when they search for “clinical depression” on Google, they will see a Knowledge Panel and can tap “Check if You’re Clinically Depressed”. This will bring the user to PHQ-9, a clinically validated screening questionnaire. Any users from the United States can test their level of depression (but only on mobile devices). In the future this tool may be extended to other countries too.

The partnership with NAMI ensures that the information shared in the questionnaire is accurate and useful. The two entities aim to help raise awareness of clinical depression, even though it’s important to stress that the PHQ-9 tool is not meant to be used singularly for diagnosis. Its main purpose is to make people aware of the condition and seek treatment.

Are you from USA? Have you ever seen this new Google-NAMI tool? Is clinic depression really so endemic to the country?


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