She Bought a £25 Green Egg on eBay and That’s the Surprise


If you like animals, pets, cubs and the “feathered cute friends”, this is the article for you. This is the story of Charlotte Harrison and how she became surprisingly mum of a baby emu last January 5th.

Charlotte Harrison is a 24-year-old woman living in Bordon, Hampshire with her family. Last November she received a £25 green egg as a gift (similar to an avocado), bought on eBay.
She didn’t know whether the egg would hatch, but “hope never dies” and she studied how to give him, the future bird, the best chance.

Green Egg Emu
Photo By Charlotte Harrison

That’s why she decided to buy a home incubating kit, to learn how to “squeak and whistle like an emu” thanks to YouTube videos, and spent 47 days to nurture the “little friend”, until the egg hatched and “a new life came to the world”.

Green Egg Emu Open
Photo By Charlotte Harrison

Now Kevin, this is the name of the little emu, thinks Charlotte is his mum and follows her in every room she goes.

“Having spent all the days in nursing him gave me almost the same feeling of pregnancy and now I feel so protective to Kevin”, Charlotte said.

Charlotte and Emu
Photo By Charlotte Harrison

He thinks to be her son, she feel to be her mum (Ed.). Charlotte’s kids Ellie, Rhys and Molly all love their new pet and they are spending nice moments together in the house.

Kevin became the real cute attraction of all the guests in the house: everyone is fascinated by this 1ft tall pet. Unfortunately, emu can grow up to 6ft and the moment will come when Kevin will be moved to a nearby paddock.

Would you pet an emu? Do you think this kind of animals should live with humans? What would you do if you were in the same position?

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