The Joyful Reaction Only this Baby Can Have in Front of a Hen Toy


Take a “Squawkin Egg Dropping Hen toy”, add a “little curious baby” and some spoon of a lovable family in a quite house and you get the perfect “happiness recipe”. Why? The answer is in this video.

Babies’ response to toys and simple things and activities may be often hilarious and joyful. They surely react differently than we adult may do and the reasons are pretty clear and well know to everyone (hopefully – Ed.). But whatever you may think about that, it’s certain that we always like and get amazed by their behaviour and pure happiness they may feel and show in front of everything.

The protagonist of this “recipe” is an “Egg Dropping Hen” and when in action, the reaction of this baby is so amazing and charming.

But what is that toy exactly? The “Squawkin Egg-Dropping Hen” sings a parody of “Whoomp! (There It Is)” as it lays plastic eggs. So it features sound and motion. You just load eggs into her back, then press button to hear her sing, dance and lay eggs. You can even buy it now for few money (at the moment we write this article) on Amazon.

Did you click and order it? While you are waiting for its delivery, watch how funny is the reaction of this baby, so you can compare him with your child when you will try it directly.

(via JukinVideo)

Have you already used this toy? How your baby reacted?

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