Hitler Obsessed With Drugs And Jews Used As Guinea Pigs To Create Super-Soldiers


adolf hitler and drugs

Nazism and Third Reich. They said they used prisoners in the concentration camps (also known as internment camps) to conduct experiments with the official purpose to find a way to improve the soldiers’ physical and cognitive performances. In other words, to create the perfect solider able to resist to everything.

But according to Norman Ohler, the truth is different. Hitler and most of his men were drugs addicted and huge consumers of meths. While the prisoners were used as guinea pigs to develop such drugs.

After five years of research, Norman Ohler published his book “Blitzer: Drugs in the Third Reich“. According to the author, the German regime was really interested in making the soldiers more powerful, but the source of this strength seems to be drugs (mainly Pervitin) distributed as pills, injections or even chocolate bars that were really believed to induce a kind of almightiness status.

blitzed norman ohler
Blitzed Norman Ohler
pervitin flyer
Pervitin era flyer

Soldiers were able to resist to tiredness and cope with fear: in short time they became euphoric, elated, with no need to sleep and in constant state of alert. It’s not a case that they were able to commit such horrible actions without any feelings.

The book reveals that the key was the mass of prisoners the Nazi doctors used to test the effects of several drugs on people and discover which one was the most effective, which one could keep them alive longer, able to walk, run, jump and stay awake even in their well-known starving condition. Some of them would have been given with doses of mescalina-based drug cocktails.

nazi experiments inject drugs prisoners
Nazi experiments inject drugs to prisoners

Was it just a matter of making the army “invincible”? According to Ohler, after 1941, the Führer started showing behaviours that historians have never been able to explain completely and the author think they were partially related to the abuse of drugs.

The research led to stunning discoveries. Hitler was given with methamphetamines, steroids and other substances 800 times in 1349 days, and took 1100 pills. The “treatments” were so impressive that his personal physician, Theo Morell, gained the nickname of Der Reichsspritzenmeister, (“Injection Master of the German Reich”), given by Hermann Göring.

hitler and theo morrel
Hitler and personal doctor Theo Morrel

In 1945 Hitler was like a wreck and was loosing his teeth. On 17th April, right before his capitulation, Hitler threatened his physician’s life and ate sugar to cope with the withdrawal. But there’s even more. Hitler drug addiction could have determined the destiny of one nation: Italy.

In 1943 Benito Mussolini was thinking to break the alliance with the Führer. Hitler decided to go to Italy and meet the Duce, but was struggling with a sever stomach ache. Therefore, Morell gave him a powerful opioid, Eukodal and the result was stunning: Hitler regained his strength, became elated and talkative, and convinced Mussolini to go on and keep the alliance. That same evening, Morell wrote on his diary: “the Führer said that if Mussolini will remain loyal, it’s because of him”.

adolf hitler and benito mussolini 1943

By the way, what Ohler discovered is not really new. These facts have been already told in 2002 by author Werner Pieper on his book “Nazis on Speed”. And 10 years later, Eberle & Neumann, in their book “Was Hitler ill? A Final Diagnosis“, investigated every aspect of Hitler’s health, from rumoured symptoms and illnesses to his actual medical history, to figure out whether Hitler’s ideology, anti-Semitism and genocidal politics could have been associated with any drug-induced behaviour. And their final conclusion, after meticulous and thorough technical analysis – well described in the book – was that Hitler was healthy and fully responsible for his criminal actions.

Therefore, is Ohler exaggerating, creating some sensationalism? Maybe Hitler was truly obsessed – and the experiments real – but was he also addicted? What do you think and know?


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