How Planet Earth And Humans Evolved Explained in Just 6 Minutes


Long long time ago the Universe was born and with it all the stars you can see and enjoy up in the sky. Do you know what happened later until now?

This video will explain you the evolution of planet earth in just 6 minutes and the images are amazing and involving. As a handy reference, you can find a summarize below with useful links that will allow you to dig into the various topics and learn much more.

13.8 billion years ago: birth of the universe.

13.6 billion years ago: formation of the milky way.

…and in a relatively recent period our mother earth came to life…

4.6 billion years ago: formation of planet earth.

4.5 billion years ago: formation of the moon.
The destructive impact that brought life on earth.

4.45 billion years ago: earth day is 7 hours long.
Earth spun so fast and the planet was so “burning”.

4.28 billion years ago: water started condensing in liquid form.
We wouldn’t be here without water and its benefits.

3.9 billion years ago: organic life started to birth.

…few time later…

3.5 billion years ago: unicellular life started (prokaryotes).

2.9 billion years ago: Pongola glaciation occurred.
If you think it’s cold now, you should reconsider your thoughts.

2.5 billion years ago: oxygen is found in the oceans and atmosphere.

1.6 billion years ago: Eukaryotic (nucleated) cells appeared.

510 million years ago: vertebrates appeared in the ocean.


420 million years ago: plants and coral reefs appeared.

400 million years ago: the first forests start forming.
We all should know that along with water, trees are essential to our life.

380 million years ago: earth day is similar to the modern time (22 hours long).

375 million years ago: vertebrates start growing legs too.

…few time later…

350 million years ago: creatures start moving from water to land.

300 million years ago: first reptiles appeared.

230 million years ago: the fascinating and powerful dinosaurs rule.

199 million years ago: reptiles was able to fly and started to appear in the sky.

65 million years ago: meteor impact, The Chicxulub Crater, Yucatan, Mexico.

65 million years ago: the meteor impact caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs (opening the door to the current life).

meteor impact

…2 million years later…

65 million years ago: placental mammals appeared for the first time.

45 million years ago: modern mammals appeared.

6 million years ago: hominids and chimpanzees diverge from a common ancestor.

1.4 million years ago: hominids learned how to control the fire.

70,000 years ago: Tahoe Glacial Maximum. During the last “Ice Age”.

11,000 years ago: humans developed agriculture.
The great resource for our subsistence.

4,500 years ago: the famous Pyramids of Giza were built.
The time when Egypt was one of the richest and most powerful civilizations in the world.

1543: the modern scientific revolution began.
The ultimate breakthrough in the human history.

1760: first industrial revolution.

1903: men discovered how to fly.

1957: the beginning of space age.
“Star Trek” civilization is constantly in humans’ mind.

1969: men landed on the moon for the first time…
…and started to observe the universe with a much closer look.

planet earth

From now on: what will happen to us and our planet?

What do you know about the origin of life and its evolution? Do you believe on this theory or are you more spiritual?

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