How to Bring Solar Power Everywhere Like a Carpet


Have you ever been in the middle of a black-out, struggling because you couldn’t do anything, from working to basic everyday life activities?

Have you ever forced to wait days or weeks for the power to come back, especially in difficult areas or after a natural disaster?

Well from now on, John Hingley and his company Renovagen will solve this problem for good (hopefully – Ed.). He has developed a ‘micro-grid’ in a metal box that can be used for disaster relief, mining, events, festivals and filming, agriculture, construction, electric vehicles charging: portable solar panels that can be unrolled like a carpet.

This portable carpet-like solar system, which stores generated energy in batteries in the steel housing, is expected to be used for disaster relief where power systems have been knocked out, by armies on the move, and in mining stations located in areas without any power. Many other applications can be found depending on the needs and creativity.

This revolutionary technology allows to set an entire solar system in just two minutes, pulled out by a vehicle or manually by few people. Having power has never been so easy, fast and portable.

Watch this video to discover how it works. Would you use it right now?


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