Hyperloop One: The Train That Can Travel From LA to SF in Just 30 Minutes


hyperloop one

Do you like travelling? Do you commute for work? Do you think transportation is an important element of our society?

If both transport and time really matters to you, this amazing innovation will save your day: Hyperloop One. With a speed faster than a plane and ticket prices cheaper than a bus ride, this futuristic transportation system will allow you to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes; from Houston to Dallas in 30 minutes; from Melbourne to Sydney in under one hour, reaching speed of up to 745 miles per hour. They are just months away from real-world testing.

“If you can move within 300 miles in less than 30 minutes, it redefines the meaning of a city.” Rob Lloyd (CEO of Hyperlook One) said.

hyperloop one inside

This hyper-fast transportation system is just one step closer to reality. Hyperloop One’s plan is to make door-to-door travel as fast as possible. Here is how it works. Commuters enter pods that connect them to The Hyperloop. The technology uses magnets to levitate the pods inside an airless tube where reduced friction and air resistance will let it cruise at super high speeds.

With its “DEVLOOP test site under construction in Nevada, Hyerloop One is keen to show the world that this technology is real.

“I think the idea of a new mode of transportation, which sounds so far out, won’t look as far out when the world sees this as a reality … before the summer of 2017” Rob Lloyd declared.

So, while we wait for this big revelation – just few months from now on – let’s watch this video and see how it will work and look.

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