Goth Ice Cream As Dark As The Charcoal Getting Trendy And Viral


goth ice cream

It was terribly hot yesterday night. I went to bed. My body was literally melting with the blankets and the only thing I was able to think of was living into a frozen igloo, with the hope to finally fall asleep and dream of something refreshing.

My prayers have been listened and I started dreaming of ice cream. But something might have gone wrong and the dream suddenly turned into a nightmare. The delicious dessert, desire of all “burning” souls, was not how anyone would expect: the colourful, happy and mind blowing sweet had turned dark, but I was enjoying it. Hence I’m wondering now if I’m still the same or I became some kind of evil person.

Well, my doubts and fear disappeared when I came across the ultimate idea some people had in the real life and I discovered that a dark ice cream is not just a nightmare, but it’s real and the result is not evil at all.

food for your mood Wednesday Adams would approve! : @helloitsroxie @little.damage #littledamage

Un post condiviso da Little Damage Ice Cream shop (@little.damage) in data:

This is the creative idea of Little Damage Ice Cream shop in Los Angeles, California. Something cool and unusual that is braking our current habits and fashion. A stylish-looking ice cream in opposition with what social media have used us to see. If you are tired of all those unicorn, rainbow, pinky and purple stuffs, foods and desserts, Little Damage Ice Cream shop is launching a total black, Goth-inspired ice cream.

It’s not just an ornament or some kind of food shaped plastic knick-knack. This is a real ice cream in midnight-black colour, almond-charcoal flavoured and served in a black cone.

Finally; soft-serve to match your mood tag a friend! @little.damage #littledamage

Un post condiviso da Little Damage Ice Cream shop (@little.damage) in data:

The almond-charcoal flavour comes via activated charcoal, and they say it’s delicious and may be good for your digestion as well.

Are you not enough “dark”? Don’t worry, you can always add some colour to your cone with fancy edible decorations, while keeping the stylish look that distinguishes this ice cream that is becoming trendy and viral.

friend goals the @little.damage Unicorn Tears & #AlmondCharcoal is the perfect pairing @jerilynmoon

Un post condiviso da Little Damage Ice Cream shop (@little.damage) in data:

But this shop is not the pioneer of dark ice cream and you can find other examples out there – even though using other ingredients.

What about, for example, the Black Coconut Ash ice cream from Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream?

Meanwhile back at the parlor✌️#sundayfunday #coconutash : @mikejchau

Un post condiviso da Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream (@morgensternsnyc) in data:

Or the Black Sesame ice cream you can find in Japan.

And if you like going weird, you can even try a Squid Ink ice cream.

squid ink ice cream
Tom Wisdom | Flickr

Do you like desserts? Would you try black coloured foods? We hope this charcoal is really healthy and will not come out to be eventually carcinogenic.


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