One Iguana and a Legion of Snakes: The Great Chase And How it Ended


What do you know about iguana and snakes? Have you ever seen a marine iguana and how hard its life can be right from the beginning?

Today you will discover what happens when a new marine iguana hatches and try to reach the sea, the natural environment for this species of reptile. You will discover the stunning challenge baby iguanas have when they come to life and have yet to start living.

Few seconds after their birth, they already risk the life. A lot of iguanas emerge from their nests and must make their way to the sea. But racer snakes know that very well and are waiting for their best feeding opportunity they may have all year.

What you will see on this video is the extraordinary run of a newly-hatched iguana chased by a “legion of snakes”, hungry, maybe starving … and very fast and dangerous (for sure lethal for a little defenceless reptile).

The marine iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) is the only lizards living in water and can be found in the Galapagos Islands. The absence of mammalian predators made them adapt to the marine environment. Their main threats are the native Galapagos Hawk and the introduced cats, dogs and rats. But another enemy comes out when it’s hatching time: the racer snake.

Also called Galapagos racers, these serpents are constrictors, only mildly venomous and has learnt to hunt fish. Despite that, they are known to prey on lava lizards, geckos, insects, iguanas, mice, rats and hatchlings of several bird species.

It’s during the hatching time that the show begins. The tense and big race starts and the great chase with it. The “hero” of this astonishing video is a baby iguana. Imagine, for a while, to be that lizard: your way to the sea will look very challenging and long, especially when you are attacked by dozens of snakes determined to stop you for good (and you still have to start enjoying your new life on this planet -Ed.). Would you be able to escape? Would you be so lucky to avoid all the “soldiers” of this “powerful army”? While they are so determined to kill you, will you be strong enough to run away and stay alive?

Let’s see what happened to this baby marine iguana at its first encounter with these threatening snakes: “Die Hard” animal version or just an ordinary anonymous death in the natural circle of life?

Source: BBC Earth 

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