In This Place You Can Safely Swim With Otters and Have Fun


Do you like animals and pets? Do you love to play with them and enjoy special moments together?
Do you think you can do it with any animals or is this reserved to dogs only?


Well, there is a place, in California, where you can swim with otters. Otters are fascinating exotic creatures, yet fluffy and wild animals. But there, they really look like a pet: you can hug them, they swim and play with you, they kiss, lick and sniff you, like your dog may do when you come back home in the evening. In this place, people can enjoy seeing them eating together and entertain all the guests in the pool.

If you thought that otters could be dangerous, aggressive or shy, these ones are the opposite and can show and teach us how nature can be kind and loving with humans – if there are the right conditions, humans and animals (Ed.).

Would you like to discover where it is and pay a visit?

It’s at Nurtured By Nature in Valley Centre, North San Diego County, California. They offer one-of-a-kind Otter Swim/Animal Encounters, by reservation, to visitors who want to experience a great adventure! Each encounter is a help to support the programs they provide to kids dealing with long-term illness or lifelong obstacles.
They work with Make-A-Wish Foundation and raise money to save the otters: they hope the otters make people hopeful and happy.

But you will have to be patient, because they are sold out for the rest of 2017.
Despite that, you can check the online calendar to see if someone does cancel, so that you can book the spot at that time…or you can simply call and ask to put your name on a waiting list for an ALTERNATIVE program that will be exclusive and special as well.

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