These 13 Incredible Scrap Metal Sculptures Will Surprise You As Never Before


We come to birth, grow and live doing a multitude of things and experiences. However and whenever we pass our time, we can see art all around us. Art can be expressed in various ways and, without any doubts, it helps us feeling well, having fun or decorating the places we live in.

One kind of art is sculpture, employing several techniques and materials in multiple styles. Among all of them, there are the metal sculptures. Artists have sculpted with metal for millennia and nowadays evolved to meet the contemporary resources and needs.

In this article we would like to show you how master artists can take scrap metal, reuse it to create astonishing pieces of art and, at the same time, saving the environment from a granted pollution.

This photo gallery will show you 13 stunning sculptures you would never think are made from “trash metal”. They are creative, astonishing, surprising, sometimes outstanding.

1. Aeroplane. Your garden won’t be the same any more.

aeroplane metal sculpture


2. Alien queen. When you want to scare your guests.

alien queen metal sculpture


3. Dragon with blade wings. Welcome to the fairy tale.

dragon with blade wings metal sculpture


4. Feathered war bonnet. Would you wear it?

feathered war bonnet metal sculpture


5. Human face on plaque. Your wall will become a peculiar focal point.

human face metal sculpture


6. Life-size supercars. Astounding replicas of automotive icons by fifty artists from around the world gathered in Pruszkow, near Polish capital Warsaw.

life-size supercars scrap metal sculptures

Photo by Lesław Sagan. You can see the full photo gallery on Carscoops website.


7. Machine gun. Fortunately it’s not good for any war.

machine gun metal sculpture


8. Mum with baby on a stroller. This will add some happiness to your garden or will attract a lot of attention if placed on a mall hallway.

mum with baby on stroller metal sculpture


9. Old ship. Are you ready to explore the ocean?

old ship metal sculpture


10. Racing car. For any cars lovers.

racing car metal sculpture


11. Skeleton playing the guitar. It will look astonishing placed in a museum or café.

skeleton playing guitar metal sculpture


12. Terminator with gun. A new home security system?

terminator metal sculpture


13. Transformer robot. If you liked the cartoon, comic, toys and film, you will love this too.

transformer robot metal sculpture


Whatever subject you may decide to reproduce, it’s all up to the limitless creativity of the artist who can be capable of doing mesmerizing things where “ordinary people” just see nothing but trash to throw away.

Which sculpture, technique and style do you prefer? Are you a sculptor too? We would be glad to show your creations to the whole world: just contact us at any time.


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