Ironman Triathlon 2017: Paralysed Girl Cut The Finish Line On Her Feet Thanks To Her Brother

ironman triathlon 2017 gaby and robert
Rodolfo Párraga | El Telégrafo

Brotherhood, love, will, strength, consistency and sport. This is what made this story possible: a disable 27-year-old girl (Gaby Espinosa) cut the finish line of the third edition of the Ironman 70.3 triathlon competition in Ecuador…thanks to his brother (Robert).


These are the five factors that can lead us all to success, these are six symbols of human unity, tenacity and how we can achieve great things with hard work, dedication, passion and true love.

Ironman 70.3 competition took place last July 30 in Manta, located on the Pacific Ocean Coast. The exciting race experience happened in a spectacular exotic tropical scenario and leisure activities. The competition began with a 1.2-mile swim in the Pacific ocean, then continued with a one-loop 56 mile bike course that travelled along the coast and then inland, finally followed, by a two-loop, flat and fast 13.1-mile run course with a finish line just off of the beach.

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This is a beautiful and exciting competition Gaby always dreamt to participate in. But Gaby is disabled, suffering from cerebral palsy that doesn’t allow her to move. Thanks to his brother and their brotherly love, Gaby could participate to the standard race. Robert helped her in all three races: Swimming, Cycling and running and just few metres before reaching the end, the man helped her sister get off the wheelchair and cut the finish line on her feet, taking the deserved applause of all the goers.

And Gaby was not the only athlete with disabilities, demonstrating that most of the times humans can overcome all the obstacles that stand in front of them.

How much strong are you? How much kind do you feel? May this touching story be an example for everyone, leading us to live with more love, care, optimism and goodwill.


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