Clever Kid Turns His Apartment Balcony Into A Swimming Pool: Genius Or Danger Game?

pool on apartment balcony
Merely representative: by Sarah_Ackerman | Flickr

Yes, it’s summer. Let’s enjoy the good season and the sun…but how much hot it is, terribly burning. Let’s go to the beach, the ocean is waiting for us. Every proposal sounds good until you realize you are stuck at home and you can’t go anywhere. Maybe there’s no swimming pool facilities in your town and you don’t even have a garden or yard.

So, is it over? Are you destined to melt inside your house? Maybe not, and this kid found a “clever” solution, but it could be controversial and quite dangerous: he turned his apartment balcony into a homemade swimming pool. Now the hot temperature is no longer a problem, but will he have to face other issues?

A user posted a picture of this “genius” in action and the Twitter community started a long debate full of controversy, theories, maths calculations, irony and concerns. Judge by yourself.


Can a balcony resist such a weight? Are the kid and his parents aware of how much heavy water can be? According to some users, there can be tons of water there. If the balcony can resist, what about the glass? Could a funny moment turn into a tragedy? But let’s imagine, for a while, everything goes well and the balcony is super resistant. A question still raises: where will they put the water after the game is over?

Is any engineer out there? What do you think? Can that balcony resist for good? This incident was reported last 17th June. Do you have any update? Is the kid still safe?

I don’t know how you like getting some refreshment or if you live in a villa or apartment. But in the event you have a backyard, you can get some inspiration from these 10 brilliantly awesome DIY pool ideas.


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