This Living Building in Bogotá is The Largest Vertical Urban Garden in The World

bogota the largest vertical urban garden in the world
Paisagjismo Urbano | Iberpress

Do you love nature? Do you live in a town that lacks some green because of no space? In the recent years, all around the planet, people found a solution that can live in symbiosis with the city structure and system: vertical gardens.

No matter how much and how big the buildings are in the city, you can always enjoy the benefits of trees and grass thanks to this innovation.
Nowadays you can find this kind of “forests” in multiple places, but do you know what’s the largest vertical garden in the world?

Well, it’s Edificio Santalaia in Bogotá, Colombia. It’s a creation by the Colombian PAISAJISMO URBANO Oficinas Company in collaboration with the Groncol Company. It was completed in December 2015 and since then it’s the biggest vertical urban garden ever created in the history with over 3,100 square metres of extent.

This stunning and massive garden is composed by about 115,000 plants of 10 species and 5 different families.

How long did it take to create this awesomeness? 8 months and the result is astounding.

colombia the largest vertical urban garden in the world
Paisagjismo Urbano | Iberpress

The biggest challenges?
The selection of the plants to ensure to have the same colour and the right interaction between the species. As a large surface, in fact, it was essential to create a good biodiversity, a vertical ecosystem where plants and microorganisms can live together proficiently.

But the biggest one was the irrigation system: all the plants can kept alive with water containing the right chemical parameters and nutrients. For the purpose, 42 irrigation stations have been installed.

And the system is even eco-friendly: designed to recycle the leftover water and the wastewater generated by the human inhabitants.

Thanks to vertical gardens the urban areas can benefit from more oxygen: a natural system to process heavy metals, filter harmful gases and catch loads of dust.

As a plus, the vegetation is also a natural insulation for the building, keeping the indoor temperature low during summer, which translates into a lower usage of air conditioning and less costs. Watch this video for an aerial view of the building.

Are you tired of living among cement and breath bed air, so much that you would leave your place at any time? Imagine every cities in the world have this kind of gardens, you wouldn’t need to escape from them just to be able to breath a decent air and feel more relaxed.

What do you think? Is there any vertical garden in your city? Are you experiencing any improvement? We would like to hear your feedback.

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