How To Build A Wooden Ecological House Without Nails, Screws And Glue

brikawood house

Since the beginning of time humans need a shelter to keep safe from enemies and bad weather conditions. We used caves and now houses of all kind and made of multiple materials. With the global warming threatening our planet and existence, it’s more and more important to find an eco-friendly solution that can also allow us to save resources and money. Today we may have found one brilliant solution.

The houses you will see on this video are constructed using LEGO like wood bricks. The “innovative technique” has been developed by the French company “Brikawood”. Their brick require no nails, screws or glue. In fact, the design works by interlocking separate parts. It’s been designed with a hollow centre for insulation which is filled with wood chips, blown wool or cellulose wool.

brikawood lego tecnique

In addition, this method is environment-friendly: the wood used is sourced from a sustainable forest and the insulation comes form the off cuts of the bricks, resulting in zero waste.

Thanks to this innovation you will also save your money since the house consumes 90% less heating energy to stay warm (reducing the pollution too -Ed.).

As passive builds go, the construction is pretty straightforward, only requiring basic tools to assemble the project. On the other hand, Japanese carpenters used nailless wood joining for thousands of years, with some robust results. Now French started to do that too.

Do you like these kind of houses? Would you use them for you and your family? You can find more information on the company website and eventually get in touch with them for further needs.

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