Lion Vs Buffalo: Who’s Really The Prey And The Predator?


If we randomly ask to someone if he/she likes cats, big cats and felines in general, the answer would probably be “yes” in a lot of cases. The reasons can be varied. They are fascinating and mysterious creatures, symbol of freedom and power. One of them, that most inspires power and dominance, is surely the lion. In this video you will see it in action fighting against a big-size buffalo prey, but the end will surprise you.

Apparently a lazy animal, when starving, a lion doesn’t lose time to “do some physical exercise” and its performance can demonstrate who “rules the kingdom”. But with relatively small hearts and lungs, lions are not fast runners. With a maximum speed of 60kph, they don’t have the stamina to keep this pace for more than a 100 – 200m. As such, lions rely on stalking their prey and seldom charge until they are within 30m, unless the prey is facing away and cannot see the charge.

According to, lions hunting in pairs and groups have a success rate of about 30%. Lions hunting singly by daylight have a success rate of 17 – 19%. Most successful hunts are on dark nights in dense cover against a single prey animal. Generally speaking, if a lion misses its target on the first run it usually abandons the chase. Lions are more likely to stalk impala and medium-sized species, whereas they are less likely to stalk small-sized prey. Females are significantly more likely to stalk anything.

And females do the majority of the hunting, while males, who tag along with the hunt, usually stay back until a kill is made. But something different is happening on this video. A male lion was spotted chasing its next “dinner”, much bigger than him, despite its main role within a pride: fending off other male lions, acting as a protector (its mane is surely beautiful, but so bad when it comes to camouflage – such an important factor for hunting). Despite that, there may be cases where the king will “get into the field”: when it is young and forced to leave the safety of its mother pride, or when the prey is too big to be hunted and took dawn by the females such as elephants, giraffes and buffaloes.

That’s, maybe, what’s happened on this video. Who will be the winner? What will the hunting strategy be? Do you cheer for “Mr. Roar” or “Mr. Buffalo”?

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