Shocking Images Of Man With Trunk Like Tumour Hanging From His Face

trunk like tumour on face
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Herdi Firmansyah is 34-year-old. He’s from Indonesia, bullied and feared all his entire life for a trunk like tumour hanging on his face.

Herdi lives in Wanakerta village, West Java and his enormous tumour engulfs his eye. His battle started when he was just three months old and since then, he tried to remove the tumour five times. But after 34 years the condition is still severe.

Any attempt to cure him has always failed: after every surgery, the removed lump starts growing again.

People from his village are scared of him, while his family is worried for his health: the tumour has already taken his vision from one eye, and they fear it might take his life too.

trunk like tumour covering eye
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Herdi’s life has never been easy. He couldn’t attend the junior high school too, because he was being ridiculed every day. And if this is not enough, the Indonesian man can barely talk and eat while living a hermit-like life, far from the society that fear him so much (it’s quite ironic to see that people may trust and get in touch easily with “criminals” or evil individuals every day, while they get scared of whom is just in trouble and “different” -Ed.).

trunk like tumour on face - side
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His parents spent every single cent on his treatment, selling even one of their houses, unfortunately with no improvements. And now the tumour is spreading to his other body parts: face, back, hands, abdomen, chest and feet.

trunk like tumour on face with X-ray image
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No help has been received so far from the government and Herdi’s family is hoping in some kind of fund and help from a foreign country, so that the man can be treated properly and have a better future.

How do you feel today? Are you still complaining that you don’t have enough clothes in your “giant” wardrobe? Now you should realise that your “tears” are so vain and unjustified and you should start thanking God for waking up every day in good conditions. You may be 1 million times luckier than many other people from all over the world, so why are you still unsatisfied, sad and angry?

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