Bangladeshi Man Totally Covered In Tumours All Over His Body

neurofibromatosis on bangladeshi man
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Bangladesh – this is the shocking story of a man sadly suffering with a genetic condition that has been condemning him to have ‘bubble-like’ tumours all over his body. He is Shadot Hossain and believed to be suffering from Neurofibromatosis, a disorder that causes tumours to form on nerve tissue.

47-year-old Shadot Hossain has tumours over his entire body and will lose his vision, permanently, if he will not remove the overgrown tumours on his face. The providential surgery would save his sight – and life.

Shadot Hossain portrait
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Wherever he goes there is a lot of smell, attracting lots of flies around him. Buy flies are just nothing compared to the rest: itchiness all over the body and on his neck, and pains, not just the physical ones but even more from the passers-by and their comments. Because of his poor and heartbreaking conditions, people try to move away from him and even his own son shies away from looking at him.

Shadot Hossain can’t even wear any cloth on his upper body and can barely feed himself. And with children being afraid of him, he cannot go outside. Shadot was used to work as a labourer but since his condition has worsened, he can’t do anything. Although the tumour started to grow on his forehead when he was 13-year-old, his disease became unbearable just in the last five years, covering his whole body.

Shadot Hossain tumors all over body
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Doctors declared to have never seen a patient with such an extreme tumour. But Shadot is not rich and a local social worker, Mohammed Mamun Biswas, started a campaign in the hope to help Mr. Hossain collect enough money for the urgent medical intervention and surgery and also asked for a government support.

The result? Shadot will go to the National Institute of Neuro-Sciences & Hospital in Dhaka for a full diagnosis and potential treatment.

Watch this video to know more about Shadot Hossain and his unfortunate health condition.

Next time you complain because there’s not your preferred soda in the fridge – just to mention one single example – remember who really has problems and no space for any vanity – like, instead, we often have without even being thankful for at all.


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