Mazinger Z Infinity: The Super Robot Arrives On Theatre In 2017 With A New Challenge And Awesome Trailer


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In 1972 Japanese people started to read and follow the adventures of Mazinger Z, a super robot protagonist of the manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai, and later adapted for Television into an anime TV series known briefly as Tranzor Z in the United States. The success was so huge that the memory still resists nowadays. People who saw it on TV during their childhood still remember it. If you are among them and get nostalgic, you may see it again soon, after 45 years from it’s first appearance.

The popular anime that inspired other several sequels and spinoff series (such as Great Mazinger, UFO Robot Grendizer and Mazinkaiser) will come back again with “Mazinger Z Infinity”.

In 2009 fans could appreciate a reboot anime series with the title “Mazinger Edition Z The Impact” (known in Japan as Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen). Now the film edition will be released. It will be shown internationally before its premier in Japan on January 2018.

Let’s jump back in time for a little refresh.

Mazinger Z is an enormous super robot, built by Professor Juzo Kabuto and made of a fictitious metal called Super-Alloy Z, which is forged from a new element (Japanium) mined from a reservoir found only in the sediment of Mt. Fuji, in Japan. The purpose of the mecha (robot) was to fight against the evil forces represented by the Mechanical Beasts of Dr. Hell.

mazinger z infinity robot

The new “Mazinger Z Infinity” film will tell the story of the origins and a new challenge.

For 10 years the world was on the verge of destruction by the mad scientist Dr. Hell and his Underground Empire. But Koji Kabuto, along with his giant robot Mazinger Z, and his allies in the Photon Power Laboratory put an end to Dr. Hell’s ambitions and peace returned to the world.

Koji becomes a scientist himself. Buried deep below Mt. Fuji, he encounters a mysterious life form inside a giant structure. In front of this new threat the former hero Koji makes a decision for the future whether to be a god or a demon… The future is once again entrusted to Mazinger Z!

Awaiting for the official release on theatre, let’s enjoy the trailer:


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