10 Most Beautiful And Stunning Abandoned Places In The World


eilean conan scotland

Who doesn’t like mystery, secrets and the unknown? Especially when they are unveiled. This is still true when it comes to the abandoned places around the world.

Therefore this article will show you 10 of most beautiful and intriguing abandoned places you may ever see on the planet. Places once centre of life and full of people, now left empty, alone and inhabited by dust, rust, remains…and the “charm of time”.


10. Michigan Central Station, USA

michiagan central train station

Also known as Michigan Central Depot or MCS, it was the main intercity passenger rail depot for Detroit, Michigan. At the time of its construction (1912), it was the tallest rail station in the world. Then it was closed on 6th January, 1988 after the cessation of Amtrak service.


9. Craco village, Basilicata, Italy

craco village italy

Not far from the main city of Basilicata Region (Matera – the third more ancient city in the world), this ghost town was once the old centre of Craco village. Mel Gibson decided to shot here his film “The Passion of the Chris” and Marc Forster found this place ideal for his James Bond 007 agent film “Quantum of Solace” in 2008. Abandoned in 1963, it’s now one of the main destinations for many tourists in the area.


8. Canfranc International Railway Station, France-Spain border

canfranc international railway station france

It was inaugurated in 1912 (on the French side) and completed in 1915 (on the Spanish side too), because of delays due to the World War I. Finally opened in 1928, it is 240 metres long and has 300 windows and 156 doors. After an accident destroyed the bridge at nearby L’Estanguet in 1970, the station was closed and left abandoned since now.



7. Aniva Rock Lighthouse, Russia

aniva lighthouse russian nuclear abandoned

It was built by the Japanese in 1939, between the sea of Japan and Russia’s Sea of Okhotsk. Remained uninhabited until the 1800’s, the island has been disputed by both Japan and Russia (who used it as a penal colony). After years of conflict lighthouses were built and the island was annexed to Russia in the Second World War (causing the evacuation of half a million Japanese). Now the lighthouse is abandoned, full of rust and remains: diesel engines, radio facilities, large clockwork pendulum, storerooms, keeper’s living spaces, accumulator rooms and 300kg pool of mercury. You can more read here.


6. Shi Cheng Underwater City, China

shi cheng underwater city china

Also called “Lion City” 1,300 years ago, it rests under Qiandao Lake in China. The ancient ruins are well preserved despite the city has been submerged since 1959 when the valley at the foot of the Wu Shi (Five Lion) mountain was flooded with the building of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station. A scuba diver shows us how part of the city is nowadays.


5. Eilean Donan, Scotland

eilean conan castle scotland
Via athinorama.gr

Eilean Donan is a small tidal island where three sea lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh, in the western Highlands of Scotland. In 1200 a castle was built as a stronghold of the Clan Mackenzie and their allies the Clan Macrae. For many many years this place had been abandoned until 1911 when the island was bought by Lt. Col. John MacRae-Gilstrap that started the restoration of the castle between 1919 and 1939. It was rebuilt and an arched bridge added to give easier access to the island.


4. Valley of the Mills in Sorrento, Italy

valley of the mills sorrento italy

In a small town of Southern Italy, you can find a canyon. Here stone mills were built in the 13th century, taking advantage of the stream at the bottom of the valley. The building you can see on the picture was left abandoned since 1866, after the creation of Tasso square isolated the mill from the sea, making the place unliveable due to the high level of humidity. The old mill is still abandoned, surrounded and covered by a lush vegetation.



3. Bannerman Castle, USA

bannerman castle usa

It raises on Pollepel Island, in the Hudson River (New York). The castle is an abandoned military surplus warehouse, mainly used during the Spanish–American War. In August 1920, 200 tons of shells and powder exploded in an ancillary structure, destroying a portion of the complex. In 1967 New York State bought the island and buildings, making it a tourist destination. But two years later a fire – occurred on 8th August 1969 – devastated the Arsenal and destroyed the roofs and floors. Since then the island was placed off-limits to the public and left abandoned.


2. Christ of the Abyss in San Fruttuoso, Italy

christ of the abyss italy
Roberto_1951 | Flickr 

If you would like to see this statue you must travel to the Liguria region (Northern Italy). It’s a 2.5 metres tall submerged bronze statue of Jesus Christ. Sculpted by Guido Galletti, the Christ of the Abyss was placed at approximately 17 metres depth in the Mediterranean Sea on 22nd August, 1954. This is the original one, but you can find other two replicas in Grenada (an island country in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea) and in Florida (USA).


1. Mirny Mine, Russia

mirny mine hole russia

With 525 metres of depth and 1,200 metres of diameter, it’s one of the largest excavated holes in the world. It was an open pit diamond mine in the Sakha Republic (Siberian region of Eastern Russia). The mine was opened in 1957 by the Soviet Regime (and operated in extremely harsh climate conditions). Once reached the maximum depth, in 2004 it was closed and left abandoned.

If you think this looks like an impact crater, then the asteroids were humans.

The world is full of abandoned places, each of them having its own story and beauty. Did you visit any of them in person? Share your experience with us and we will share it with the world.


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