These 17 Cakes Are Some Of The Most Disturbing In The World


Do you like horror films and books? Do you love art? Are you passionate of food and sweets? This article is perfect for you. After talking and showing you amazing fancy and charming cakes, today we are going to reveal you some of the most creepy cake designs in the world. 17 disturbing cake examples of two female artists who can shock the world with their “horror edible art”. If you like terrifying things or are ready for the next Halloween party, these creations can be ideal for your project (hopefully you won’t do any dark magic evil ritual -Ed.).

1. Baby in cellophane

baby in cellophane cake
Katherine Dey


2. Bloody skull

bloody skull cake
Katherine Dey


3. Mummy

boy mummy cake
Katherine Dey


4. Carnivorous plant or a monster fish?

carnivorous plant or monster fish cake
Katherine Dey


5. Dead goat head

dead goat head cake
Katherine Dey


6. Freshly Plucked Eyeballs Cakes

freshly plucked eyeballs cakes
Katherine Dey


7. Next Valentine’s Day, give that special someone a piece of your hear

piece of your heart to someone-valentine day cake
Katherine Dey


8. Shrunken head chocolate rice puff cakes

Shrunken head chocolate rice puff cakes
Katherine Dey

These cake art designs are made by the Painter, Sculptor and Illustrator Katherine Dey, Rochester, NY.


9. Dead female body with worms

dead body with worms cake
Annabel De Vetten


10. Devil’s head

devil head cake
Annabel De Vetten


11. Grey mummy

grey mummy cake
Annabel De Vetten


12. Horror cake: ready for some dark magic rituals?

horror cake
Annabel De Vetten


13. Skull bust in white dress

skull bust in white dress cake
Annabel De Vetten


14. Surgery cake with open chest

surgery cake


15. Tentacles coming out from a skull

tantacle skull cake
Annabel De Vetten


16. Tied bloody hands

tied bloody hands cake
Annabel De Vetten


17. Zombie arm coming out from the soil among mushrooms

zombie arm from soil among mushroom cake
Annabel De Vetten

Cake art designs by Annabel De Vetten (aka Annabel Lecter) founder of Conjurer’s Kitchen. She creates cakes for weddings, promotions and private parties, all of which cater to strange tastes. Typically it takes from three days to a week to turn the concepts into a reality.
You can with her on the Facebook page or buy her creations on her Eatsy shop.

Do you like creepy cakes? Would you eat or throw them away, afraid of some “terrible consequences”? What’s the most disturbing cake you have ever seen? Feel free to share your opinion by commenting below

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