7 Weirdest Mysterious Events Caught on Camera 2017

mysterious events cought on camera

Men have been always attracted by mysterious and weird things. If we can’t explain them, we always find a reason to dig on them, just for the pleasure to discover the unknown, to uncover the unrevealed and eventually find the evidence that prove the unexplainable things for which someone would like to have more than just faith.

This is not a religious or psychic post, so let’s just have some fun watching these bizarre things caught on camera, right in front of your eyes. It’s then up to any one of us to believe or not on them.

1. Mysterious video of man struck by lightning twice in a row.

A person’s odds of being struck by lighting is, this year, 1/960,000. In a lifetime, you have 1 chance in 12,000. Imagine of being struck twice, at the same time, in the same place (the odds is 1 in 9 million). This is what happened to this guy. But, maybe, God decided it wasn’t his time…to pass away.

2. Man runs into an invisible wall.

It looks like a sci-fi movie and reminds us that invisible doesn’t necessarily mean absent. We don’t really know how this could have happened, you judge by yourself.

3. Cars in China hit by an invisible force and fly in the air in a strange phenomenon captured by traffic CCTV.

It looks like someone, suddenly and inexplicably, set up a wire in the middle of the road. How could it be possible? The X-men arrived in China for real?

4. Bizarre People crashing into a glass door.

Well, I think this is about being a kind of “idiot” or sleepy, rather than experiencing a mysterious event. But let’s relax and laugh for a moment: smiling is always positive.

5. Cyclist mysteriously saved by unexplained force before getting hit by train. Unsolved mystery!

Wow, if it wasn’t of the invisible wall, the train would have killed him, no doubt of it. Sometimes unexplainable things are more a blessing than a medieval superstition to refuse at any cost.

6. Real life vampire walks past mirror with no reflection.

Oh my…I think almost anyone of us, at least once in our own life, tried to find out if someone is not reflected on the mirror. Of course we know it’s physically impossible … until we see this video! FX effects or reality?

7. Strange footage found in Catacombs of Paris featuring a lost explorer who encountered a mysterious creature.

In the city of stunning beauty and light, something happened to this explorer underneath the city where a darker world was waiting for him. In this labyrinth of ancient tunnels and mass graves, this man must have encountered something dangerous. Was it all staged or something evil is really living in the darkness of the French capital?

Did you already know about these events? Do you think they are real of fake? Do you know better and more mysterious occurrences? We would like to hear from you and eventually write about them.

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