NASA Unveiled the New Mars Concept Vehicle and it Looks Like a Batmobile

nasa mars rover concept
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

A Batmobile to be used in Mars? This is the new vehicle designed by Parker brothers (Shannon and Mark), famous for being behind the motorcycle design used in the “Tron” movie. NASA commissioned it as the new concept vehicle, waiting for the next landing on Mars (hopefully in 2020) to conduct explorations.


On December 2, 1971, NASA successfully landed a vehicle on Mars. After more than 40 years, NASA designed a new concept to show and educate the world about how the new Mars rover might look and the result is stunning.

nasa mars rover concept like batmobile
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Weighing more than 5,000 pounds (approx. 2,250 kg), this machine will be able to travel on other worlds, reaching a speed of 60 to 70 miles per hour (around 95 to 110 km/h), and its design really looks like the Bruce Wayne car in Batman Begins film … just a bit more massive.

Would you like some numbers? 28 feet (8.5 meter) long, 13 feet (4 meter) wide and 11 feet (about 3.4 meter) high. It can ride the planet easily thanks to six robust wheels, around 50 inches (1.3 meter) high and 30 inches (about 0.75 meter) wide. In fact, thanks to strategically-located air ducts, the rough red sand of the planet can escape without any damage.

And regarding the tech aspect, the NASA ‘batmobile” doesn’t disappoint us: made of aluminium and strengthened carbon fibre; powered entirely with solar energy which, in turn, feeds a powerful 700-volt battery; equipped with advanced radio and navigation controls by the Global Positioning System to scout out different regions on the Red Planet; completed with a detachable laboratory in the rear portion, ready to go around by its own, in search of life.


batmobile similar nasa mars rover concept
The Batmobile in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy

As a concept, this NASA’s Mars Rover vehicle will be exposed at the Kennedy Space Center until July 4th and anyone can go and see it. After that, it will go on tour around the East Coast.

The “Batmobile” will not land on Mars for now, but who knows what will happen in the near future? May living creatures be found on Mars next time, we will show up ourselves in a very cool and stylish way.

Watch this video to know more and see how this futuristic vehicle looks like inside and out.

What do you think? Do you like it? Would you travel to Mars just to drive this “machine” and feel a bit as Batman?

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