North Sea Surprisingly Brought 1000+ Eggs to this German Island


Do you like treasure hunts, surprises, beaches, islands and unexpected events? There is a place where kids experienced all of that, at the same time – hopefully having a lot of fun (Ed.) – after 1000+ plastic kinder eggs suddenly appeared on this island coast.

Last January 7th 2017 in Langeoog island, one of the seven inhabited East Frisian Islands in the southern North Sea (Wikipedia), local kids could amazingly enjoy a special “treasure hunt”, collecting thousands of surprise plastic eggs washed up on the coast.


So, what did really happen? The true story is that during Storm Axel, which struck the Baltic coast on Wednesday night, a freighter, struggling with choppy seas, lost five containers, one of which was transporting thousands of colourful plastic eggs containing small toys. By consequence, the flood brought more than just water: a lot of plastic covered the coast and it was polluting the island’s beaches.

For this reason – and for the joy of kids (Ed.) – the mayor granted them to collect as many eggs as they could – keeping the surprise – who knows who found the best and more beautiful “treasure”? One thing is for sure: they really helped keeping earth healthy and the children happy!

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