The Touching Story of an Orangutan Taking Care of 3 Tiger Cubs


Orangutan Take Care 3 Tiger Cubs

Do you think creatures from different species can love each other? Do you believe they can be friends rather than enemies?

This video is a clear demonstration that good relationships can exist even between different animal species (sometimes even more than it could happen within our human species, where just a different skin shade can be the source of wars – Ed.).

But we are not here, today, to talk about men. We are going to tell you a little amazing story about animals and how an orangutan has become the best companion of 3 tiger cubs.

Orangutan is a Malay word and means “person of the forest”. This long-haired, orangish primate, found only in Sumatra and Borneo, is highly intelligent and is a close relative of humans. With an enormous arm span, it spends much of its time in the trees of its tropical rain forest home. You can read more about orangutans on National Geographic.

The tiger is the largest feline in the world, with the tiger growing to around 2.5 metres in length. The tiger is the most powerful of all the big cats, and is native to east and southern Asia. A tiger can reach speeds of up to 90km an hour, making the tiger extremely fast. It has even been known to conflict with rhinos and elephants with the tiger generally winning. You can know more about this animal here.

Can these two species be friends? Can they stay close together, love and take care of each other without any fear and fight?

This video can answer these questions and the reply is a wonderful big “YES”. An orangutan has been shot to take care of 3 tiger cubs, feeding, hugging and playing with them like a mother, nurse or nanny.

What’s exactly happened is shown on this video. So watch it now, enjoy and share it with the whole world. Demonstrate that friendship and love do exist and if it can happen between different big wild animal species, even more so, it MUST be a reality between men.

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