Pearl the Piglet: the Story of a Pig who Lives Like a Dog


Do you like animals and pets? Do you like spending some time playing with them outside or indoors?

People love to choose several kind of animals as their companions, sometimes it’s a usual cat or dog, other times it’s a less common creature. Well, this family decided to share their lives and house with a pig and it turned into something very cute and funny. That’s why we decided to talk a bit about Pearl the piglet and show you how she behaves.


Can a pig really be a pet, living inside your apartment? Someone would argue that pigs are meant for something else, but not Pearl, because she is a “teacup pig”.

A teacup pig (also mini pig, or micro pig, or miniature pig, or “designer pig”, or “nano pig”, or “apartment pig”, or “pocket pig“) is a breed of pig developed and used for medical research (for ex. toxicology, pharmacology, experimental surgery, pulmonology, cardiology, xenotransplantation and ageing) or as a pet (like it happens with teacup dogs). Miniature pigs weigh between 50–150+ pounds when fully grown. “Mini pig” has become an acceptable term that is used to distinguish the difference between farm pigs and smaller breeds such as pot bellied pigs.

That’s why one member of this family is actually a pig: a playful cute and creature that loves to run, sniff on the floor, roll around, dress with charming clothes, sleep in the bed and under warm and soft blankets and much more.

So, can Pearl be like your dog or cat? Can humans really pet a pig? Is a mini pig so different than a farm pig?

Watch this video and discover it by yourself. You can also follow the story on her Instagram profile.

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