25 Extraordinary Micro Sculptures That Turned A Pencil Into A Piece of Art



We are in 2017 and through the years and centuries humans expressed themselves and their emotions in multiple ways either to communicate or to do some business. This way is art. It can be big or small and use several materials. In any case, it is always astonishing and attractive.

Today we are proud to talk about micro art and in particular the one created on tiny pencils. From now on you won’t use it to write any more, but as a micro sculpture to display as a home or office ornament.

The pictures we are going to propose you are 25 examples of amazing pencil micro art. Anyone who see this photo gallery will remain astonished. These 25 micro sculptures can be a nice gift to give to your lover, family members or friends. The following pieces of art are unbelievably detailed considering the dimension of the support used.


1. Astronaut by Chien Chu Lee. Are you passionate of space?

astronaut micro pencil art by chien chu lee taiwan
Chien Chu Lee Taiwan

2. Circus Elephant. Your kids will love this.

circus elephant micro pencil art sculpture


3. Colosseum. The “Eternal City” in your bag.

colosseum pencil micro sculpture art
Salavat Fidai


4. Door Key. Can it “open” your mind?

door key micro pencil art sculpture


5. Double Chain. This pencil looks so dynamic.

double chain micro pencil art sculpture


6. Double Hearts. An idea for the next Valentine’s Day.

double hearts micro pencil art scultpure


7. Flower on hand. Astonishing micro sculpture for peculiar collectors.

flower on hand micro pencil art sculpture


8. Flower on vase. Charming gift for your wife.

flower on vase micro pencil art sculpture


9. Goat standing on wall. Awesome way to celebrate the new 2015 year.

goat micro pencil art sculpture


10. Guitar. For any music lovers.

guitar micro pencil art scultpure


11. Hair Comb. For your “pampered” doll.

hair comb micro pencil art sculpture


12. Handgun. By Salavat Fidai sculptor.

handgun micro pencil art sculpture


13. Heritage Buildings. The perfect souvenirs from all around the world.

heritage buildings micro pencil art
Salvat Fidai


14. Hypnotic Pendulum. Do you have any psychologist friend?

hypnotic pendulum pencil micro sculpture


15. Machine Gun. Gangsters are back and they are so tiny.

machine gun micro pencil art scultpure
Salavat Fidai


16. Mermaid. A charming gift for your daughter.

mermaid micro pencil art sculpture


17. Padlocks. The new way to protect your text?

padlocks micro pencil art scultpure


18. Photo camera. Any photographers would love this.

photo camera micro pencil art sculpture


19. Pointing hands. So inspiring.

pointing hands micro pencil art sculpture


20. Screw. When you want to “fix your writing style”.

screw micro pencil art scultpure


21. Statue of Liberty. Majestic like the subject.

statue of liberty micro pencil art sculpture
Salavat Fidai


22. Modern train on rails passing through the tunnels. Crafted by Jasenko Đorđević.

train on rails pencil art by jasenko dordevic
Jasenko Dordevic


23. Old train coming out of a tunnel. Another transport inspired micro art sculpture.

train out of tunnel micro pencil art


24. Micro Village. A fairy tale landscape on the tip of your pencil.

village micro pencil art sculpture


25. “Yoda” Hollywood Character. The perfect gift for any Star Wars lovers.

yoda micro pencil art sculpture
Salvati Fidai


You can find many other examples around the world. Which one do you like more? Share with us the artworks you love most.

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