Can Polystyrene be Used to Build Amazing Liveable Dome Houses?


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From the beginning of life, creatures always tried to find or build a safe place to live in and keep protected. From animals to humans, anyone build a kind of nest, shelter or house. They can be of different shapes and made of several materials. And when it comes to men and his knowledge, the variations and possibilities are almost limitless.

Therefore, through the centuries we designed and built houses of any kind: from straw to wood, from cement to iron and even ice. Can we be even more creative and unusual than that?

Well, there is a place on earth where people learned how to build liveable amazing dome houses using polystyrene and this video will show you how to obtain an incredible and wonderful result.
We are in Japan and this is a Dome House concept design for modular building constructions. The walls are made from expanded polystyrene that is incredibly durable against sever weather and highly efficient at retaining heat.

How does it work? Each panel is slotted together and then plastered and painted like a typical house. Houses can even be linked together for larger structures. Since they can have various shapes, they could be houses, shops or factories.

Could it go beyond a single house? Well, designers expect the project to develop entire dome communities.
No, it’s not a fairy tale or cartoon set or cityscape. It’s a reality and you can see it for real on this video.

Would you live in one of these houses? Would you love to be part of this kind of community? Your opinion matters, so let us know what you think.

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