Pregnant Lioness In A War-Torn Zoo Gives Birth Just After Getting Rescued: The Touching Story Of Dana

dana lioness rescued aleppo zoo
Four Paws

Aleppo (Syria) is in war – there’s no need to explain more, anyone on earth should already know that. Sadly destroyed by human evil and cruelty, the city can be considered a “ground zero” (Ed.). Because of that, a zoo in the city is now just a war-torn ruin and last month rescuers from Four Paws organization arrived to save the last animals who survived the deadly battles, before bombs would have killed them all. Amid all the “zoo guests” (tigers, bears, lions, dogs and hyenas), there was Dana, a lioness in desperate need of help.


Rescuers rushed to load animals into crates and get them back across borders to sanctuaries in Turkey and Jordan thanks to the support of Royal Jordanian Airlines that made sure all animals make it on the flight and reach Amman without any delay.

dana and hajat lions
Four Paws

Rescuers didn’t have too much time, especially for Dana, the lioness who was brought to the Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife sanctuary in Jordan. In fact, just 12 hours after she arrived, she went into labour and thanks to the providential intervention of the rescuers, Dana gave birth to a sweet white fur baby cub.

They named it “Hajar” (which means “immigrant” in Arabic language) and it was so lucky to made it.

hajat baby lion

Four Paws team members on site followed the operation and shared updates on their Facebook page. They were very concerned about whether the lioness would accept the cub or kill it, since she may have been under enormous stress because of the war, rescue and relocation. But when Dana gave birth to her baby the vision was extremely sweet, comforting and happy: she cleaned the cub and nursed it, which means she feels safe at Al Ma’wa sanctuary.

This is a story with a truly happy ending and it might continue with even more happiness because an ultrasound appeared to show two cubs in Dana’s womb, so they expect the second one any moment.

Waiting for a brother or sister, let’s see the story on this heart-breaking video:


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