Public Sex On The Garbage In Central Rome: The Shocking Images And Story Here


rome garbage

Once upon a time Rome, the Eternal City, glorious and rich through the centuries. But now it looks like only filthiness and illegality rules in the city (that the whole world was used to admire for its history, monuments, art, climate and heritage).

We are in Piazza Indipendenza, one of the most central areas in the city. Here you can find a famous building, “Federconsorzi” ex-headquarters (“Palazzo Curtatone”). The building has been illegally occupied since 2013 by more than 450 people (most of them refugees from Ethiopia and Eritrea). Unless the owner is still paying for all the taxes charged on the building and formally asked to “clean” the area, nothing happened so far. Therefore, every day neighbours have to suffer dirtiness, criminality, fear and the feeling of not being safe any more . These pictures show one of these discomfort: a couple caught on camera while having sex in public area, in the daylight, between garbage.

rome sex in a public area

The pictures were shot by the employees of “Il Sole 24 Ore” (a famous Italian national daily business newspaper). The “dirty scene” happened right in front of the company building. Beyond the sexual intercourses, taking place in public area, they complain about the trash and the mass of drunk people around the place that they have to face every day when they go to work.

Unless the police agents took the two “lovers” away, their promises, for an intervention by AMA cleanliness company, were disregarded.
Further more, the same commentator added, there is a market right in front of the area and it’s really disgusting going to buy some food for your family, surrounded by dirtiness and a strong smell of excrements.

What’s the cause of all of this? Unfair law (or an unfair way to apply it)? Speculations? Hypocrisy? Permissivism? Indifference? Selfishness? Fear for some kind of revenge? Lack of economic or police resources?
Is Rome now the place where criminality is welcome and more convenient than being honest and respectful of the law? Or is this just an impression, a fear, a scenario exploited by politicians and media to attract followers and the audience?

public sex on the garbage rome

Share your opinion and let us know if your town is better or worse and how we could resolve these problems, all around the world.

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