41-Years-Old Rescued Chimp Loves Troll Dolls As Babies And Received The Best Surprise For Birthday

foxie rescue chimpanzee
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest Via The Dodo

When you turn 41 years old you may think to have become old…too old for sweetness, joy, games and love. But there are still things in this world that demonstrate us the contrary. One of these things is actually a living creature. This is Foxie, a rescued chimp who loves Troll Dolls and this is the heart-warming story of her 41th birthday that gave her a stunning surprise.

Foxie was born in 1976 and in occasion of her birthday last 8th August 2017 her rescuers made it an extra special day for her. Spending much of her life in a laboratory that was developing vaccines for hepatitis, Foxie was bred but never had a chance to raise her babies. But her mother instinct – and heart – still survived and she developed a deep love for dolls, especially troll dolls.

dolls and fruits for foxie birthday
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest Via The Dodo

9 years ago, in 2008, Foxie retired to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest and her love for dolls is so high that she even carries some of them around on her back, as if they were her babies.

That’s why, at Foxie’s birthday, rescuers decided to give her something special that would have made her the happiest chimp on earth: before any party and delicious food, Foxie was given dozens of troll dolls to choose from and watermelon salad bowls with additional dolls.

foxie play with troll doll party birthday
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Foxie received a lot of “babies” after 41 years, probably making her birthday one of the most amazing in her life. She must have appreciated the gift very much, because even after finishing the salad, she carried her watermelon bowl all over the grounds (a little cot for her new babies? -Ed.).

The day was so special and her joy so deep that it was as if Foxie turned from 41 to 14, the sanctuary said.

Happy 41th birthday Foxie! It’s never too late to be young and give some love…not only for a chimp.

Photo in the featured: AP Photo | Ted S. Warren


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