He Bikes 1,400 Miles Across The Country to Hear Her Deceased Daughter’s Heartbeat

to hear her deceased daughter's heartbeat

USA – It was Father’s Day and this man bikes 1,400 miles across the Country to hear her deceased daughter’s heartbeat…again.

His name…Bill Conner. Her daughter, Abigail Mae Conner, was only 20 and a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewaterm, when she died in a freak accident in Cancun.

She and her brother were found face down in a hotel pool while on holiday in Mexico last winter. She suffered irreversible brain injuries, too strong to recover from. Abigail was kept on life support until doctors had taken her organs for donation.


So her death was not in vain – if this may comfort a bit. At the age of 16 she decided to donate her organs (four in total, included eyes and other tissues). She’s always been happy to help people in need, her father said.

On Father’s Day, last May 22, Bill decided to honour her daughter’s short life by riding a bike and visit the receiver of her heart, 21-year-old Loumonth Jack, Jr. who was given just 10 days to live. Abbey donation was a kind of miracle, a providential incident that saved a boy, by coincidence, almost of the same age.

abbey conner

Loumonth Jack, Jr. is from Lafayette, Louisiana and Mr. Conner travelled 1,400 miles to reach him and hear her daughter’s heartbeat again. He contacted any donors and Jack Jr. was the only person who replied.

Abbey is now still alive in his dad’s heart, but she is alive inside Jack Jr. too, Conner declared.

This man is spreading awareness about the importance of organ donation, convinced that not being selfish is a great way to help people live or live better lives.

What do you think? Do you feel selfish? We can be like that in so many ways that sometimes we are not even aware of it (Ed.).


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