Shakibecca Is The New Shakira Double And She Is Identical In Everything

rebecca maiellano shakibecca
Rebecca Maiellano | Instagram

Do you love music? What’s your preferred singer? Do you like Shakira? If yes, you will be surprised to know that, from now on, you can follow two Shakira, because an “exact replica” has been spotted in Venezuela.

Her name is Rebecca Maiellano and she’s apparently identical to the famous pop singer. She looks, dresses, smiles, dances and sings like Shakira. Even her make up and hair style are the same.

We would like to introduce you the “clone”, or better the new international double of Shakira. So identical that they call her “Shakibecca” and Shakira had been impressed when she saw her performing on some videos.

shakibecca rebecca maiellano
Rebecca Maiellano | Instagram

Would you like to hear and see her singing and dancing? You can reach “Shakibecca” on Twitter or YouTube.

She defines herself “cantautora, comunicadora social y locutora” (singer-songwriter, social communicator and newscaster). Time will reveal if she is enough talented to reach fame and success or if she will remain just the Shakira’s shadow.

In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram and judge by yourself.


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