The Incredible Stories Behind These 9 Strange Abandoned Ships and Planes


From ghost ships and deep ocean wrecks to forgotten aeroplane locations. These are 9 strange abandoned ships and planes.

9. Lady Be Good

remains of lady be good

Lady Be Good departed the Soluch Field Air Base in Libya on April 4, 1943. It was headed towards Naples, Italy, on the return trip, the plane was spotted fling over the air base in massive sandstorm…it wasn’t seen again for over 15 years: 1958.
The 8 crew members survived for 8 days on one canteen of water and managed to walk 81 miles as a team. The distance covered by the last man was 108 miles (183km)…in the middle of the Calanshio Sand Sea.

in 1994 Lady Be Good was removed from its resting place and some part were flown back to the USA. Some of those parts were salvaged and reused in other planes.


8. Lyubov Orlova

lyubov orlova

Lyubov Orlova was named after the famous Russian actress by the same name. Built in 1976 by the USSR she served as an expedition cruise ship, travelling around the Arctic and Antarctica often. In 2010, Lyubov Orlova was seized at St. John’s Port, Newfoundland because of accrued debts amounting to 251 thousand dollars.

It stayed at that Port for the next 2 years, and when it was being towed to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped, something happened. Not even 1 day into the journey, the tow lines broke and the ship drifted away…

Incredibly, she was captured again by a Transport Canada tug boat and dragged away to international waters…where she was cut loose again. But in 2013, near the coast of Iceland and Ireland, Lyubov Orlova was spotted again. It was the last time, but nobody really knows where the ship landed.


7. Kee Bird

kee bird remains in greenland 2014

A Boeing B-29 Superfortress, part of the 46th Reconnaissance Squadron, crash landed in Greenland. The crew suffered the Arctic climate for 3 days, fortunately there were no casualties. The rescue mission took place on 22 February 1947 but the plane was left to the elements and the US Air Force surrendered any claims to the B-29. It means that if you wanted it, it was yours.

In fact, in 1994, a man asked for the plane, but something went wrong: during the salvage mission, the plane started burning and it’s still there…just a bit crispier.
This video shows how the plane is now, still abandoned on Greenland.


6. TSS Duke of Lancaster

duke of lancaster air view

The TSS stands for Twin-Screw Steamship or Steamer: it has two screw propellers compared to a Single Screw steamer, which has one. From 1955 to 1979 the ship provided services for travellers around the United Kingdom until it was forever beached near Mostyn, North Wales.

At this point, The Duke of Lancaster was branded as the “Fun Ship” becoming a tourist attraction, but local politics made it almost impossible for the owners to operate the business, so it shut down.

The former cruise ship in dry dock in Wales has become a magnet for graffiti artists and their canvas. You can have a look at this nice photo gallery.


5. US Navy Vought F4U Corsair aeroplane

f4u underwater closeup

Most capable and widely used fighter bomber of the WW2 and its use extended to the Korean war. They calculated that it was used 64,951 times in offensive attacks (44% of all offensive attacks carried out by the US during the war). These pictures show one of these planes, found off the coast of Honolulu.
You can find a full photo gallery of the plane resting underwater here.


4. MS World Discoverer

ms world discoverer air view

A cruise ship that operated from 1975 to 2000. It visited great spots such as Antarctica, Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands. On April 30th, 2000, the ship hit a huge uncharted rock near the Solomon Islands. All passengers were transported to safety while the Captain stayed on the ship, steering it into Roderick Bay.

At that point, the ship was considered a loss and to this day, the World Discoverer remains at the same location. Today, it’s a kind of tourist destination, being visited by other cruise ships in the area.


3. Atka B-24D Liberator bomber

atka b-24d liberator bomber

It was sent out on a reconnaissance mission on December 9, 1942 and never returned. Because of bad weather the crew decided to deliberately crash-land on Atka Island (Alaska). Never salvaged, it’s now part of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument.

An awesome little photo gallery can be found here.


2. S.S. America

s.s. america shipwreck

After a 54 year career, the S.S. America was being transported from Greece to Thailand to become a five star docked hotel ship. The journey began on New Years Eve 1993 and a few days later, during a massive storm, the tow ship Neftegaz 67 lost control of the cruise liner.

The S.S. America, now renamed the American Star, found its way to the coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands and ran aground. Within 48 hours the harsh waves of the Atlantic Ocean split the ship in 2, she was declared a total loss and left to rot.

More pictures here.


1. Murmansk

murmansk cruiser

This Cruiser was built by the Soviet Union in 1955 and served until 1989. A few years later the Russians decided to sell the cruiser to India for scrapping. During the move the ship ran aground near the Norwegian Coast.

No one wanted to deal with the clean up until 2009. The ship would have to be dismantled piece by piece and the Scandinavian contractor AF Decom did it in style. They built a dock around the ship and emptied out the water as you can see on the pictures.

You can see more photos by the Norwegian Coastal Administration here.

Do you think some of these wrecks are haunted? Would you travel to those places to have a close look with the planes and ships?

Tell us if you know about even stranger and mysterious wrecks and which one you would like us talk about.

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