Steam Tractor: Fun From The Past Or Funny Past


A relics of a bygone era?
The train of the countryside?
A loud, belching and ugly tractor?

… or just a recycled equipment from the past, converted into a funny entertainment machine?

What you see here is a really existed vehicle: steam-powered tractor. An old machine that covered an important role in our lives. In fact, back in the 1900s steam-powered tractors were busy running around farms and fairgrounds, utilized to plough fields, in threshing and to provide power for other machinery. So yes, thanks to them we could eat!
Russia even converted steam tractors in “ultimate off-road vehicles” and war tanks … but this is another story.

With many surviving examples still doing the same thing today or “resting” in some museum, a steam tractor is an agricultural vehicle powered by a steam engine which is used for pulling. In Great Britain, they used to be of smaller sizes, employed to haul small load on public roads: essentially, smaller versions of the “road locomotive”.

Since the past is the past, what’s up today?
Well, some could be dashing, others could be really ugly, but when it comes to entertainment, fun has no appearance and these two guys decided to pass from “working the land to making the land a play field”.

Would you use a steam tractor for your fun too, like a “go-kart”?
Would you rent and ride one of these during your vacation or in a theme park?

In the mean time, let’s watch this video and discover if these two “brave guys” succeeded in their “climbing” and reached the tip of the hill.

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