Tanmay, 13-year-old, Computer Genius And a Dream: To Teach 100,000 People How To Code On Youtube


tammay bakshi

His name is Tanmay, he is 13 year-old and has a dream: teaching 100,000 people how to code thanks to YouTube.

Tanmay can be considered a kind of genius (even if he doesn’t like to be called like that). At the age of 9 he already developed his first iOS App. 3 years later he became the youngest software developer in the world using the IBM Watson cognitive system.
His current commitment is a project aimed to improve the life of people with disabilities, using technology.

Coming from Brampton, Canada and son of an Indian immigrants couple, Tanmay Bakshi uses YouTube as his teaching post and replies to any questions about Artificial Intelligence, Automatic Learning, Algorithms and Neural Networks.

His talent might be a family gift – we may think – since his father, Puneet, is a science and maths teacher as well as a programmer. At 5 years of age he had his first encounter with a computer: “wow, this is like magic”, he said. Since then, he started his “adventure” into the world of software development and now he is a teacher, following his father steps (even though using different tools).

His first creation was “tTables“,  an iOS App to help children learn multiplication. Now he is a teacher on YouTube and also wrote an iOS app programming guide for beginners (“Hello Swift!: IOS Programming for Kids and Other Beginners“).

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The Cube

He recently developped the first digital assistant called “AskTanmay” – the world’s first web-based NLQA system using IBM Watson Cognitive capabilities and built in Swift, Java and Python. The eight-step algorithm can solve queries related to a ‘PERSON,’ ‘ORGANIZATION,’ ‘LOCATION,’ or ‘DATE’ answer type.
He is so eager to help the world that at the IBMDevConnect, Tanmay open-sourced his app on stage, a move to make it more accessible to the developer community.

Thanks to his great potentials and communication skills, Tanmay was invited to pass three months at the IBM Canada Lab in Markham and at the IBM Bluemix Garage in Toronto, so that he could learn from seasoned IBM developers. Despite the difference of age, decleared his tutor Ankita Kulkarni, talking with Tanmay was like talking with an adult.

But Tanmay is not a robot or a kind of alien, he is a normal kid – who spends 40% of the day in coding – but also likes biking, playing table tennis with friends and video games, while he’s trying to learn how to fly a kite.

His future? Among all the projects he is involved in, his focus goes to “The Cognitive Story” (that partners IBM Corp. with the Darwin Ecosystem, LLC). Thanks to this system, Tanmay hopes to help people with disabilities living better. The first patient will be a 29-year-old woman who suffers from Rhett’s Syndrome, a rare disease that mainly affects women and make them unable to communicate. “The Cognitive Story” system aims to give her a voice through artificial intelligence and Tanmay is glad to contribute with his talent.

Do you already know Tanmay Bakshi? What do you think about his talent and commitment? Let’s wait and see what he will be capable of and how he will make the world better.


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