Tattoos Projected Onto Bodies With Surprising Evolutions


The future is already here. What we thought existed only in movies it is now a reality.

In October 2015 Oskar and Gaspar have made in Lisbon the first live event of Tattoo Video Mapping.

The video mapping is a new frontier of art and technology and consists in projecting “images” in computer graphics on real surfaces, obtaining spectacular effects 3D projection. We can say, that the “video projection mapping” is a projection technique evolved, which transforms any type of surface in a dynamic display. Through special software, including the most important is “Madmapper”, you create animations, images, videos and games so customized lights that “playing” with the surface on which they are projected, are able to impress the audience leaving, literally speechless.

Through videomapping, animated projections, able to fool the visual perception of the viewer to the point, do not do more to distinguish fact from fiction (projection). What you can achieve is an explosion of images, able to fully engage the viewer and each publicity event, is able to transform into a real “mass illusion.”

Until recently, the video mapping images were mainly projected on walls buildings, but Oskar and Gaspar have gone further, projecting them on the bodies of people.

The effect achieved by these techniques is amazing.

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