This Road Became a Real Simpsons™ Set After a Terrible Truck Accident


It’s not a real-life Simpsons™ episode, nor a scene from “The Simpsons: Road Rage” video game . What you are going to see here is a real road accident. This truck driver was stuck in his cabin after the road-marking lorry was hit from behind. We don’t really know how it’s happened and who is responsible for that. What we would like to show you are just the consequences, avoiding any kind of judgement.

As you can hear on the video, we are in Russia – or at least people are talking Russian. This poor truck driver might have been in real danger as he remained trapped – hopefully he was not injured and can still walk normally with his two legs.

Since we want to keep a good mood, let’s not talk about the hypothetical bad consequences and let’s focus on the funny part: for a while this road became the perfect scenario that any Simpsons™ characters would love.

Who knows how long the road remained yellow and the driver stuck?
If you believe you are having a terrible day today, just think to this guy who is probably having the worst day ever. Have you experienced something worst?


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