The Barber Lies Down for a Hairstyle to the Autistic Child who is Afraid of the Scissors


Months and months of trying, then the stroke of genius: Lie down on the floor next to Mason, child who has autism, to cut the hair without bother him. The child’s mother was left literally speechless when James Williams, Welsh barber, has finally managed to find a way to cut your hair to the baby, who, until the day before just did not want their knowledge.

The child, only a few months ago, he was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders). Whenever the barber approached with scissors, Mason ran away, leaving James no chance to touch his hair. But the Welshman did not give up and, for many months, sought a solution to the problem. Then a stroke of genius: let the baby play alone, lying on the ground and were close silently and cut his hair calm.

When the work is also passion.

Barber Haircut Autistic Boy

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