The Bubble Tent to Sleep Watching the Stars


How many times have you wanted to sleep looking at the stars? Now you can enjoy the scenery in comfort and protected from the elements with this special tent.

The tent is made of PVC and is inflated to function every time it is used, similarly to as occurs for the balloons of sports fields tennis or football. Once that has been inflated the small fan in the side part is turned off, and the entry is protected by a pre-input which allows not to operate each time the ventilator to re-inflate the curtain.

The transparent shelter has a diameter of 4 meters and a price of about $ 1600, and offers a shelter in any outdoor location. The beauty of the tent, the scenic opportunities it provides and certainly a successful design make it an object coveted by lovers of the outdoors. The only drawback is the need to have available a power outlet to inflate it, and therefore the need to bring a battery always with him. The maximum number of people that can fit inside it are shown as two, and security features include water resistance and fire.

Bubble Tent in the beach


Bubbe Tent in the Garden

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