The Fox Who Behaves Like a Pet and Loves to Play With Humans


This is Vixex the fox and she was born in captivity, into a factory that just cares to grow foxes for the fur trade: the second most commonly farmed animals (for the vanity of us human beings – Ed.). But if you love animals, pets and freedom and yet believe that any living beings deserve a better life, this story had a happy ending because Vixex was rescued from the fur trade years ago in the Czech Republic and now she really loves to play with humans, inside their homes … like a real pet.

So, can a “wild” animal behave like a cat or dog? For sure, foxes belongs to the same family of canids, so the similarities could be obvious, but can a fox really be tamed and live with humans, under the same roof … safely?

Well, this video will show you how this fox, naturally belonging to the wildlife, can look like your loving fluffy pet:

  • Plays hide and seek beneath the blankets;
  • Cuddles, especially when she knows her human needs it;
  • Loves getting chin, neck and butt scratches;
  • Gets the zooms and tears around the house;
  • Plays fetch by themselves.

Have you ever petted a fox? Which similarities do you see with your own pet? Do you think a fox or any other wild animal should live with humans?

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