The Host and The Wine Take Away, to Take Communion Wherever You Like


The body and blood of Christ to carry in her purse to take communion anytime, anywhere and in any case.

Sometimes things happen that the human mind can not understand and badly in need of years to be fully understood. Most of you will go to catechism and therefore will have a smattering on the sacraments, such as Holy Communion, in which you eat the consecrated host, which represents the body of Jesus and (possibly) you drink wine or juice grapes, which is equivalent to the blood of Christ.

But today it seems that even the most intransigent Catholics can open up to the future with this beautiful packaging containing a wafer and a bit of takeaways grape juice, to taste the Christ a little anywhere in there. It produces the Celebrate Communion, which also has a website where you can order this heavenly snack. There are even gluten-free wafers, so if you are allergic to Christ with gluten can make a snack without fear of ending up in the emergency room (but then in Heaven, unless during the crash have not blasphemed).

Sure, I remember before going to communion confession used in order to purify themselves from sins. difficult as it was to speak with the priest of the girls.
So, if you’re in a park, in a break from work, standing in line at the Post Office, and feel the need to take bites the body of Christ, now you know how to do!

The host and the wine take away

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